To authors of past issues of Hiroshima Mathematical Journal:

Hiroshima Mathematical Journal (HMJ) is starting an electronic publishing in addition to its printed version. As part of the process, we are planning to make past issues of HMJ, HMJ Vol. 1-35(1971-2005) and Journal of Science of the Hiroshima University Series A-I Vol. 25-34(1961-1970), accessible on web as scanned image files or pdf files with metadata. We hope that this will make HMJ more valuable to the academic community. We therefore ask you, as authors of the papers, to support our effort and give us permission to make your papers accessible on web. If, however, you do not agree some of your paper(s) to be published online, please let us know in writing. Once we confirm that you are the holder of the copyright of the paper and do not consent to have it available online, we shall make the paper unavailable on our websites.

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Department Mathematics, Hiroshima Univ.

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