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Download SFMT which supports various period from 2607-1 to 2216091-1

This code is released on January 31st in 2007, so it may contain some bugs. Any feedback is welcome (send an email to Mutsuo Saito, saito "at sign" math.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp)

new! 1.5.1 SFMT-src-1.5.1.zip
fix potiential bug in period certification and SFMT-common.h include guard, reported by Kouhei Saitou. (2017/2/22)
1.5 SFMT-src-1.5.zip
fix bug double precision output function sfmt_res53 reported by Akio Takahashi. It should return a nunmber in the range [0, 1), but sometime it returned 1.0. (2017/2/7)
1.4.1 SFMT-src-1.4.1.zip
fix MSC compile error reported by Dirk Steenpass. (2013/12/19)
1.4 SFMT-src-1.4.zip
internal state of SFMT is kept in structure. function and macro names are changed to have sfmt_ prefix. This version can work with SFMT-jump. ALTIVEC OR BIGENDIAN ARE NOT TESTED AT ALL. (2012/6/28)
1.3.3 SFMT-src-1.3.3.zip
change condition compile of do_recursion in SFMT.c. This is not important change. (2007/10/6)
1.3.2 SFMT-src-1.3.2.zip
Fix bug about to_res53_mix() and genrand_res53_mix(). (2007/8/20)
1.3.1 SFMT-src-1.3.1.zip
Fix bug about compile error in MSC. Add two functions to_res53_mix() and genrand_res53_mix(). Change optimization option of gcc from -O9 to -O3. Add MSC __forceinline option. (2007/8/12)
1.3 SFMT-src-1.3.zip
Add support for the period 2216091-1. BUG fixed about BIG ENDIAN. Add parameter data for parallel generation. Support AltiVec on OSs which are not osx. (2007/6/2)
1.2 SFMT-src-1.2.zip
Now, various periods form 2607-1 to 2132049-1 are supported. The source code is combined. The second argument of vec_perm function is casted. (2007/3/1)
1.1 sfmt19937src-1.1.zip
The period certification method is changed from constant to function. Makefile and documents changed. (2007/1/31)
1.0 sfmt19937src-1.0.zip
First version.

Download double precision SFMT

This code is released on May 12th in 2007, so it may contain some bugs. Any feedback is welcome (send an email to Mutsuo Saito, saito "at sign" math.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp)

new! 2.2.3 dSFMT-src-2.2.3.zip
change Makefile for nmake. (2013/12/19)
2.2.3 dSFMT-src-2.2.2.zip
Fix compile error on Visual C++ 2012. (2013/9/17)
2.2.1 dSFMT-src-2.2.1.zip
Definitions of Shift constant in AltiVec were changed. They had not been fit to the instruction set architecture of AltiVec. (2013/2/21)
2.2 dSFMT-src-2.2.zip
The initialization of the constants for sse2 is changed. dSFMT-common.h is created. This version can work with dSFMT Jump function. (2012/6/29)
2.1 dSFMT-src-2.1.zip
This version supports the periods from 2521-1 to 2216091-1. We added new function dsfmt_genrand_uint32, which returns 32-bit unsigned integer. If you need many floating point pseudo random numbers and a few integers, you don't need to use another integer generator. (2009/4/18)
2.0 dSFMT-src-2.0.zip
The recursion formula of dSFMT is changed. The supported periods are changed. The output sequences are completely changed. The generation speed is improved. The variable for initialization check is removed, because it causes an execution error in cygwin. dSFMT ver. 2.0 supports the periods from 2521-1 to 219937-1 currently.(2008/8/26)
1.3 dSFMT-src-1.3.zip
use structure of C language. bug fix about checking BIG_ENDIAN. Function names are changed to have the prefix dsfmt_, but old names are also available. (2008/2/28)
1.2.1 dSFMT-src-1.2.1.zip
add #include <altivec.h> to dSFMT.c. (2007/8/29)
1.2 dSFMT-src-1.2.zip
CAUTION: dSFMT.xxx.out.txt is changed. Bug fixed in test.c about printf precision specifier. Larger period 2216091-1 is supported. gcc compile option changed form -O9 to -O3. Add AltiVec parameter format for systems which are not OSX. Change Makefile for systems which are not OSX and support AltiVec. Change sample2 of howto-compile for Free BSD. Change period certification code more smart. Change source files for BORLANDC and Visual Studio. (2007/8/22)
1.1 dSFMT-src-1.1.zip
Larger period 2132049-1 is supported. A bug about BIG ENDIAN machine is fixed. Some important bugs are fixed, but there is no influence to the outputs. Source codes were refactored. (2007/3/22)
1.0 dSFMT-src-1.0.zip
The first version. (2007/3/12)