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Program (PDF file is here, program with abstracts is here (14 pages)

Oct. 30 (Wed.)
13:40 -- 14:30 Masaharu Taniguchi (Okayama University)    abstract
An (N-2)-dimensional surface with positive principal curvatures
gives an N-dimensional traveling front in the Allen-Cahn equation
14:50 -- 15:40 Takeshi Ohtsuka (Gunma University)    abstract
Growth rate of a crystal surface with a co-rotating pair of spiral steps
evolving by an eikonal-curvature flow
16:00 -- 16:50 Yoshihiro Tonegawa (Hokkaido University)    abstract
A time-global existence of mean curvature flow via reaction diffusion approximation

Oct. 31 (Thu.)
10:00 -- 10:50 Hideki Murakawa (Kyushu University)    abstract
Cross-diffusion systems: RDS approximation and Numerical analysis
11:10 -- 12:00 Kunimochi Sakamoto (Hiroshima University)    abstract
Destabilization/Stabilization of Diffusion Systems by Diffusion and Boundary Flux
13:40 -- 14:30 Takashi Sakamoto (Meiji University)    abstract
Double zero degeneracy in the presence of 0:1:2 resonance
14:50 -- 15:40 Tohru Tsujikawa (University of Miyazaki)    abstract
Global structure of the stationary solutions for the limiting system
of an Chemotaxis-Growth Model
16:00 -- 16:50 Yong Jung Kim (KAIST)    abstract
Starvation driven dispersal and pattern formations
18:30 -- Banquet

Nov. 1 (Fri.)
10:00 -- 10:50 Kanako Suzuki (Ibaraki University)    abstract
Instability and blowup phenomena induced by diffusion in some reaction-diffusion-ODE
11:10 -- 12:00 Xiaofeng Ren (George Washington University)    abstract
A double bubble solution in a ternary system with inhibitory long range interaction
13:00 -- 13:50 Cyrill Muratov (New Jersey Institute of Technology)    abstract
Front propagation in geometric and phase field models of stratified media

Organizers : Yoshihito Oshita (Okayama University)
Kazuhiro Takimoto (Hiroshima University)
Ken-Ichi Nakamura (Kanazawa University)

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