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Hiroshima Topology Conference

Four Dimensional Topology

Hiroshima University, Hiroshima Japan

January 26 -- January 28, 2009


Program (in Japanese)

Program (in English)

January 26 (Mon)

14:00--14:40 Osamu Saeki (Kyushu University)
Singular fibers of differentiable maps and 4-dimensional cobordism group

14:50--15:30 Hirofumi Sasahira (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Floer homology for 2-torsion instanton invariants

16:00--16:40 Yusuke Kuno (University of Tokyo)
The Meyer functions for projective varieties

Jean-Baptiste Meilhan (Grenoble University)
Johnson homomorphisms, Ptolemee groupoid, and links in $S\times I$

Hiroshi Yokota (Toshiba I. S. Corporation)
Maxima and topology

January 27  (Tue)

9:00--9:40 Shin Satoh (Kobe University)
Every non-trivial 2-knot needs four sheets

9:50--10:30 Kanako Oshiro (Hiroshima University)
Symmetric quandles and triple point numbers of non-orientable surface-links

10:50--11:30 Masatoshi Sato (University of Tokyo)
A local signature for fibrations with a finite group action

11:40--12:20 Shinichiroh Matsuo (University of Tokyo)
On instanton approximation of ASD connections

14:00--14:40 Kouichi Yasui (Osaka University)
Corks, plugs and exotic 4-manifolds (joint work with Selman Akbulut (MSU))
14:50--15:30 Toshifumi Tanaka (OCAMI, Osaka City University)
Smooth structures on Casson handles

Boldizs{\' a}r Kalm{\' a}r (Kyushu University)
Singular maps and topology of manifolds

16:50--17:30 Takao Matumoto (Hiroshima University)
The smooth unknotting conjecture in dimension four

January 28  (Wed)

9:00--9:40 Kazuhiko Kiyono (University of Tokyo)
Nonsmoothable group actions on spin 4-manifolds

9:50--10:30 Nobuhiro Nakamura (University of Tokyo)
Nonsmoothable involutions on $K3$ and $K3\#K3$
10:50--11:30 Ayumu Inoue (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
A natural ch-diagram of the $n$-twist-spun trefoil knot

11:40--12:20 Akiko Shima (Tokai University)
On charts with three crossings (joint work with Teruo Nagase (Tokai University))

Organizers: Takao Matumoto and Seiichi Kamada (Hiroshima University)