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Hiroshima Topology Conference

Four Dimensional Topology

Hiroshima University, Hiroshima Japan

January 18 -- January 20, 2010


Program (in Japanese)

Program (in English)

January 18 (Mon)

14:00--14:40 Osamu Saeki (Kyushu University)
Special generic maps on open 4-manifolds

15:10--15:50 Hiroshi Iritani (Kyushu University)
Topology of Landau-Ginzburg model

16:00--16:40 Kouichi Yasui (Kyoto University, RIMS)
Applications of Stein 4-manifolds to corks (joint work with Selman Akbulut)

January 19 (Tue)

9:10--9:50 Takefumi Nosaka  (Kyoto University, RIMS)
On homotopy groups of quandle spaces and
the quandle homotopy invariant of links

10:00--10:40 Kokoro Tanaka (Tokyo Gakugei University)
Studies on surface-knots using quandle theory

10:50--11:30 Ayumu Inoue (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
A formula for volumes and Chern-Simons invariants of link complements
via quandle shadow colorings (joint work with Yuichi Kabaya)

13:10--13:50 Akio Kawauchi (Osaka City University)
Rational-slice knots via strongly negative-amphicheiral knots

14:00--14:40 Inasa Nakamura (University of Tokyo)
Unknotting the spun $T^2$-knot of a classical torus knot

15:10--15:50 Seiichi Kamada (Hiroshima University)
Symmetric quandles and surface-knots

16:00--16:40 Kanako Oshiro (Hiroshima University)
Symmetric quandle invariants and its application for triple point numbers of surface-links

January 20 (Wed)

9:10--9:50 Nobuhiro Nakamura (University of Tokyo)
Smoothability of ${\Bbb Z}\times{\Bbb Z}$-actions on $4$-manifolds

10:00--10:40 Yoshihisa Sato (Yamaguchi University)
The canonical classes and the geography of non-minimal Lefschetz fibrations

10:50--11:30 Takao Matumoto (Hiroshima University)
On the unknotting conjecture in dimension four V

Organizers: Seiichi Kamada and Takao Matumoto (Hiroshima University)