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Hiroshima Topology Conference

Four Dimensional Topology

Hiroshima University, Hiroshima Japan

November 14 -- November 16, 2012


Program (in Japanese)

Program (in English)

November 14  (Wed)

14:00--14:40 Teruo Nagase and Akiko Shima (Tokai University)
Suspicious minimal 4-charts with four crossings

14:50--15:30 Shigeru Takamura and Kenjiro Sasaki (Kyoto University)
Higher-dimensional fractional Dehn twists and monodromies of singularities

16:00--16:40 Kengo Kawamura (Tokyo Gakugei University)
Independence of Roseman moves without triple points (joint work with Kanako Oshiro and Kokoro Tanaka)

16:50--17:30 Yoshiro Yaguchi (Gunma National College of Technology)
On simple paths in a punctured disk and their applications to simple braids

November 15  (Thu)

09:40--10:20 Kenta Hayano (Osaka University)
Vanishing cycles and homotopies of wrinkled fibrations

10:30--11:10 Akio Kawauchi (Osaka City University)
On the homology of an open 4-manifold with every closed 3-manifold embedded

11:40--12:20 Yuichi Yamada (Univ. of Electro-Comm.)
4-manifolds constructed by lens space surgeries (joint work with Motoo Tange)

14:00--14:40 Hee Jung Kim (Pohang Mathematics Institute)
Embeddings of Surfaces in 4-manifolds

14:50--15:30 Nobuhiro Nakamura (Gakushuin University)
$\mathrm{Pin}^-(2)$-monopole invariants and its applications

16:00--16:40 Kouichi Yasui (Hiroshima University)
Exotic S^2-knots and Gluck twists

16:50--17:30 Takao Matumoto (Hiroshima University)
On the smooth unknotting conjecture in dimension four VIII

November 16  (Fri)

09:40--10:20 Masaaki Ue (Kyoto University)
The $\overline{\mu}$ invariants, the eta invariants and Ozsvath-Szabo's correction terms for Seifert rational homology 3-spheres

10:30--11:10 Motoo Tange (University of Tsukuba)
Annulus twist of a knot and log transform (joint work with Tetsuya Abe)

11:40--12:20 Tetsuya Abe (Kyoto University)
Annulus twist and ribbon knots (joint work with Motoo Tange)

Organizers: Seiichi Kamada, Kouichi Yasui and Takao Matumoto (Hiroshima University)