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Intelligence of Low Dimensional Topology 2003

in Shodo-shima Island, Japan

November 16 - November 19, 2003

This is the proceedings of the conference ``Intelligence of Low Dimensional Topology 2003'' (ILDT) taking place at Kokumin-kyuka-mura in Shodo-shima Island during November 16 -- November 19, 2003, as a part of the 21st century COE program "Constitution of wide-angle mathematical basis focused on knots" (Akio Kawauchi, the project reader).

The conference ILDT follows the preceding series of conferences ``Art of Low Dimensional Topology'' organized by Akio Kawauchi (Osaka City University) and Toshitake Kohno (University of Tokyo), and is organized also by Seiichi Kamada (Hiroshima University) from this new series. The aim of this conference is to promote research in low-dimensional topology with the focus on knot theory and related topics.

There were 18 lectures and 79 participants.

Seiichi Kamada

December 2003


Program (in Japanese) 

Program (in English) 

Speakers (one-hour talk)

J. Scott Carter (University of South Alabama)

Masaharu Ishikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Toshitake Kohno (University of Tokyo)

Sadayoshi Kojima (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Daniel Matei (University of Tokyo)

Tomotada Ohtsuki (RIMS, Kyoto University)

Masahico Saito (University of South Florida)

Speakers (40-minute talk)

Atsushi Ishii (Osaka University)

Teruhisa Kadokami (OCAMI, Osaka City University)

Atsushi Kamita (OCAMI, Osaka City University)

Yoko Mizuma (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Tetsuhiro Moriyama (University of Tokyo: JSPS)

Fumikazu Nagasato (Kyushu University: JSPS)

Takuji Nakamura (OCAMI, Osaka City University )

Akio Noguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Makoto Ozawa (Komazawa University)

Makoto Sakaguchi (OCAMI, Osaka City University)

Hiroyuki Yashima (University of Tokyo)

Tsukasa Yashiro (Osaka City University: JSPS)


Akio Kawauchi (Osaka City University)

Toshitake Kohno (University of Tokyo)

Seiichi Kamada (Hiroshima University)

by S. Kamada