An international conference on topology in Hiroshima, Japan
Intelligence of Low Dimensional Topology 2006

at Hiroshima University, July 22 - July 26, 2006
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各自で手配して下さい。以下のグリーンホテルモーリス(ii)もしくはホ テルセンチュリー21 (iii)が便利です。(学士会館(i)は海外からの講演者用の予定です。一般には受け付けていません。)

For your accomodation in Hiroshima, there is a choice;
i) Guest House in the university
ii) The Hotel "Green Hotel Morris" in Higashi-Hiroshima
iii) "Hotel Century 21", or its annex

  i) is in the same building where the conference will take place.  There is no restaurant in it for breakfast and supper. You need to go out for meals. There are restaurants and a super market in 10 minutes walk. There is 18 single rooms and one twin room and one Japanese style room.  The fee is 3,800 yen for person/night.

  ii) is in the down town. It takes 15 minutes by bus and on foot to the conference place. You can have breakfast there and there is a restaurant next to the hotel too.  A lot of participants will stay there.  The fee is 5,000--6,000 yen for single room, 8,000--11,000 yen for double or twin rooms.

  iii) It takes 5 minutes walk from the Green Hotel Morris of (ii). The hotel "Sunrise 21" has an annex which has rooms for families.