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Workshop on Topology and Geometry
Quandles and Related Topics

Hiroshima University

July 11 -- July 12, 2009


July 10 (Fri.)

Topology-Geometry Seminar
14:00 -- 15:30 Sebastian Baader(ETH Zurich)
Scissor equivalence for torus links

Introductory lecture on Quandle Homologies
16:00 -- 17:30 Seiichi Kamada(Hiroshima University)
Basics of quandles and their homologies

July 11 (Sat.)

09:30--10:20 Masahide Iwakiri (Osaka City University)
Quandle cocycle invariants of surface-links with braid index 4

10:30--11:20 Kanako Oshiro (Hiroshima University)
Symmetric quandle invariants for oriented links

11:40--12:30 Shin Satoh (Kobe University)
The length of Mochizuki's $3$-cocycle of $R_5$ and its applications

14:00--14:50 Takefumi Nosaka (RIMS)
On the quandle homotopy invariant of links and some applications

15:00--15:50 Hiroshi Tamaru (Hiroshima University)
Quandles from a view point of theory of symmetric spaces

16:10--17:00 Yoshiro Yaguchi (Hiroshima University)
Hurwitz action on tuples of the standard generators of the braid group as a conjugate quandle

July 12 (Sun.)

09:30--10:20 Daniel Moskovich (RIMS)
Surgery presentations for knots coloured by metabelian groups

10:30--11:20 Takefumi Nosaka (RIMS)
Classification of some quandle manifolds and characteristic classes of quandles

11:40--12:30 Eri Hatakenaka (RIMS)
A relation between Dijkgraaf-Witten invariant and shadow cocycle invariant

14:00--14:50 Atsushi Ishii (Tsukuba University)
The IH-complex and quandle colorings

Topology and Geometry
Department of Mathematics
Hiroshima University