International Workshop on Global Behaviors
of Differential Equations
- Singularity and Transformation Theory-


Date: 2008, September, 8 (Monday) --- September, 10 (Wednsday)
Place:広島大学理学研究科B棟  7階 B707号室
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Contact: Mishio Kawasita:
e-mail : kawasita@math.sci.hiroshima

Kazuhiro Takimoto:
e-mail: takimoto@math.sci.hiroshima

Masafumi Yoshino:
e-mail : yoshino@math.sci.hiroshima

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September 8(Monday)

13:30 -- 14:30
Liu Weian (Wuhan University)
Global and Non-Global Existences and Asymptotical Behavior
of Solutions to Othmer-Stevens Model

14:45 -- 15:45
坂元 国望 (Kunimochi Sakamoto)(Hiroshima University)
Curvature flows in reaction-diffusion systems

16:00 -- 17:00
大西 勇(Isamu Onishi) (Hiroshima University) (collaborated with T. Miyaji)
Mathematical analysis to coupled oscillators system with a conservation law

17:15 -- 18:00
free discussion and party celebrating sixtieth birthday of Prof. T. Nagai (Hiroshima Univ.)

September 9 (Tuesday)

10:00 -- 11:00
Werner Balser (Ulm University)
Moment summability methods and formal solutions of differential equations

11:15 -- 12:15
渡部 拓也 (Takuya Watanabe) (Ritsumeikan University)
A singular Cauchy problem for the Euler-Poisson-Darboux equation (joint work with J.Urabe)

13:30 -- 14:30
木村 弘信 (Hironobu Kimura) (Kumamoto University)
Generalized Schlesinger systems, particular solutions and Backlund transformation from twistor theoretic viewpoint

14:45 -- 15:45
市延 邦夫 (Kunio Ichinobe) (Kanagawa Institute of Technology )
On the Chracterization of Irregularity for Singular System of Ordinary Differential Equations in Complex Domain (joint work with M. Miyake)

16:00 -- 17:00
原岡 喜重 (Yoshishige Haraoka) (Kumamoto University)
Algebraic prolongation of Fuchsian differential equations

18:15 --
懇親会(Welcome party) 場所:次郎丸で。 無料送迎バスが理学部前(研究会会場前)から出発。
詳しくは、当日掲示。参加希望者は、 滝本宛にメールをお送りください。

Septeber 10 (Wednsday)

10:00 -- 11:00
田原 秀敏 (Hidetoshi Tahara) (Sophia University)
On the singularities of solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations in the complex domain

11:15 -- 12:15
小池 達也 (Tatsuya Koike)(Kobe Universtiy)
On the eigenvalue problem of the Coulomb potential and exact WKB analysis

This workshop is supported by
Hironobu Kimura (Kumamoto Univ., Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, (B)No. 19340041)
Masafumi Yoshino (Hiroshima Univ., Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, No. 20540172).