Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Core-to-Core Program (2006 April-)

"New Developments of Arithmetic Geometry, Motive, Galois Theory, and Their Practical Applications"

Organization of this project

This projects have core institutes in Japan, Italy, France, and USA, and cooprative researchers in Canada, Germany, and UK.

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Japanese Organization

The core institute in Japan is Hiroshima University, and the chair is Makoto Matsumoto at Dept. of Math. Members of this project in Hiroshima University include Shunichi Kimura, Nobuo Tsuzuki, Akira Ishii, Nobuyoshi Takahashi. As a cooperative institutes, the project includes and many other members from other Universities, young (such as Ph.D students) and senior. We have international/domestic conferences related to this projects in Japan, Italy, and France: see Meetings .

Core institution in Italy

is Padova University, with Bruno Chiarellotto as a cochair.

Core institution in France

is Department of Mathematics in Paris 11 (Orsay), with Jean-Marc Fontaine as a cochair. is a cooperative institute.

Core institution in USA

is Department of Mathematics at Duke University, with Richard Hain as a cochair.

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