Branched Coverings, Degenerations, and Related Topics 2014

07(Fri) - 10(Mon) March, 2014

Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University
ROOM: E104

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Branched Coverings, Degenerations, and Related Topics


3/7 (Fri) 3/8 (Sat) 3/9 (Sun) 3/10 (Mon)
10:00-10:50 A'Campo Degtyarev Kim Degtyarev
11:10-12:00 Kim A'Campo Degtyarev Florens
12:00-13:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:50-14:40 Yamashita Kim A'Campo Shimada
15:00-15:50 Masai Bannai Ohmoto Abe
16:10-17:00 Paoluzzi Sato Hamada Cogolludo


Name Affiliation Title (Links to)
Related documents
Norbert A'Campo Universität Basel A geometric construction for intertwining higher Teichmuller spaces.
Alex Degtyarev Bilkent University Shioda's conjecture via Alexander modules abstract
Sang-hyun Kim Seoul National
Embeddability between RAAGs I - CAT(0) geometry
Embeddability between RAAGs II - extension graph
Embeddability between RAAGs III - application to braids
Jose Ignaico
Universidad de
Quasi-projective groups and finiteness conditions
Vincent Florens Université de Pau Functorial extensions of the abelian Reidemeister torsion of 3-manifolds
Luiza Paoluzzi Université
A characterisation of the trivial knot using special symmetries abstract
Abe Takuro Kyoto University Intersection points and Betti numbers of the complements of line arrangements
Toru Ohmoto Hokkaido University Chern class for discriminants of maps (tentative)
Fumitoshi Sato Kagawa
National College
of Technology
Enumerative geometry of the moduli of genus 3 curves
Ichiro Shmada Hiroshima University An algorithm to compute automorphism groups of K3 surfaces
Hidetoshi Masai Tokyo Institute
of Technology
On the number of commensurable fibrations on a hyperbolic 3-manifold
Noriyuki Hamada University of Tokyo Lefschetz fibrations with (-1)-section
Bannai Shinz Ibaraki
National College
of Technology
On the topology of complements of reducible plane curves via splitting types
Yasushi Yamashita Nara
Women's University
Non-hyperbolic automatic groups and groups acting on CAT(0) cube complex

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