Branched Coverings, Degenerations, and Related Topics

09-12 Mar 2009, Department of Mathematics, Hiroshima University

room: B-707

organizersFY. Matsumoto, T. Ashikaga, M. Sakuma, H. Tokunaga, I. Shimada

We thank all participants and everybody who has supported the conference!

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@Slides of Professor Montesinos' Lectures

1 (123pages)

2 (57pages)

3 (97pages)

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9(Mon)10(Tue)11 (Wed)12 (Thu)
10:00-11:00MontesinosMontesinosMontesinosH. Yoshihara
11:20-12:20Y. MatsumotoM. OkaH. TokunagaH. Endo
13:50-14:50Y. YamadaM. IshikawaY. KunoS. Takamura
15:10-16:10S. HiroseI. Awata (45 min)T. Takahashi (45 min)T. Ashikaga
16:30-17:30M. Sakuma M. Kawashima+T.ShiraneY. Yaguchi+Y. JangM. Namba

Titles of the talks

Speaker Title (Links to) Related documents
J. M. Montesinos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Lectures on classical branched coverings and universal groups slide1 slide2 slide3
60 min talks
Y. Matsumoto (Gakushuin) Degeneration of pointed spheres (A toplogical interpretation)
Y. Yamada (Denki-Tsushin) Dehn surgery along A'Campo's divide knots, Lens spaces and plane curves slide
S. Hirose (Saga) Realization of the mapping class group of 3-dimensional handlebody by diffeomorphisms slide
M. Sakuma (Hiroshima) Epimorphisms among 2-bridge knot groups and related problems slide
M. Oka (Tokyo Univ. of Science) On the topology of non-degenerate mixed singularity
M. Ishikawa (Tohoku) Contact structures of Seifert links and their cablings preprint
H. Tokunaga (Tokyo Metropolitan) Splitting curves in double covers preprint
Y. Kuno (Univ. of Tokyo) On the global monodromy of a Lefschetz fibration arising from the Fermat surface of degree 4 preprint
H. Yoshihara (Niigata) Galois embedding of elliptic curve and abelian surface slide
H. Endo (Osaka) Lantern relations and rational blowdowns
S. Takamura (Kyoto) Singular fibers of degenerations of Riemann surfaces
T. Ashikaga (Tohoku Gakuin) A certain fiber germs of curves and moduli map
M. Namba (Otemon) On moduli of algebraic functions as branched coverings
45 min talks
I. Awata (Meiji) On the monodromy of a fibration of the Fermat surface (joint work with K. Ahara)
T. Takahashi (Ichinoseki) Algebraic surfaces with pencils of non-hyperelliptic curves of genus 4
30 min talks
M. Kawashima (Tokyo Univ. of Science) On the fundamental group of the complement of linear torus curves of maximal contact
T. Shirane (Tokyo Metropolitan) Resolution of singularities of certain 4-fold covers in dimension 2 slide
Y. Yaguchi (Hiroshima) Hurwitz orbits of braid systems of "standard" type, and its application to braided surfaces slide
Y. Jang (Hiroshima) Algebraic links with 3-bridge presentations slide
S. Bannai (Tokyo Metropolitan) Versal S_5-varieties of dimension two poster
K. Yoshizaki (Tokyo Metropolitan) On the quasitorus decompositions of reduced non-generic affine quartics poster
T.Yasumura (Tokyo Metropolitan) Construction of non-Galois triple coverings over P^2 branched along quintic curves by pull-back construction poster

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