Branched Coverings, Degenerations, and Related Topics 2019

05(Tue) - 08(Fri) March, 2019

Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus)
ROOM: E104 (3/5-3/7) B707 (on 3/8 (Fri))

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3/5 (Tue) 3/6 (Wed) 3/7 (Thu) 3/8 (Fri)
10:00-11:00 Thang Le H. Abe Artal Bartolo T. Watanabe
11:20-12:20 M. Ishikawa Thang Le T. Watanabe S. Fujimori
12:20-13:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:50-14:50 T. Akita S. Tsujie Dominik Wrazidlo
15:10-16:10 N. Takahashi Elisa Palezzato M. Enokizono
16:30-17:30 Y. Iijima K. Hayano M. Yamamoto,
N. Ojiro (each 30 min.)


Name Affiliation Title (Links to)
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H. Abe Osaka Prefecture On weak Fano Hessenberg varieties abstract
T. Akita Hokkaido Central extensions of Coxeter groups and Artin groups abstract
Artal Bartolo Zaragoza Cyclotomic Zariski tuples with abelian fundamental group. From the pair to the complement abstract
pdf of the talk
M. Enokizono Osaka Slope inequality for fibered surfaces and Durfee's conjecture for surface singularities abstract
S. Fujimori Okayama Limits of periodic minimal surfaces abstract
K. Hayano Keio New counterexamples to Stipsicz's conjecture on fiber-sum indecomposable Lefschetz fibrations abstract
Y. Iijima Hiroshima On an exact sequence relating the combinatorial anabelian geometry of hyperbolic curves abstract
M. Ishikawa Keio Positive flow-spines and contact 3-manifolds abstract
Thang Le Georgia Institute of Technology Growth of torsion homology in finite coverings abstract
N. Ojiro Hiroshima Rational curves on a smooth Hermitian surface abstract
Elisa Palezzato Hokkaido On the freeness of hyperplane arrangements over arbitrary fields abstract
N. Takahashi Hiroshima Modules on quandle spaces and representations of LY algebras abstract
S. Tsujie Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin Collections of Unit Ball Graphs and Embeddable Finite Metric Spaces abstract
T. Watanabe Shimane Some exotic nontrivial elements of the rational homotopy groups of Diff(S^4) abstract
Dominik Wrazidlo Kyushu Time-interacting fields and actions in positive topological field theories abstract
pdf of the talk
M. Yamamoto Tokyo Metropolitan On the topology of arrangements for a smooth plane quartic and its bitangent lines abstract

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