Branched Coverings, Degenerations, and Related Topics 2018

05(Mon) - 09(Fri) March, 2018

Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus)
ROOM: E104

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3/5 (Mon) 3/6 (Tue) 3/7 (Wed) 3/8 (Thu) 3/9 (Fri)
10:00-11:00 Degtyarev Xin Lu Uludag Kim Katayama
11:20-12:20 Xin Lu Yoshinaga Kim Uludag Aitchison
12:20-13:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:50-14:50 Ichikawa Hirasawa Yoshinaga Aitchison
15:10-16:10 Matsutani Ishikawa Pol Naoe
16:30-17:30 Ikeda Ishii Nozaki Sakata


Name Affiliation Title (Links to)
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Aitchison, Iain ex Melbourne Construction of highly symmetric Riemann surfaces, related manifolds, and some exceptional objects, I, II abstract
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pdf of the talk II
Degtyarev, Alex Bilkent Towards the number of tritangents to a smooth sextic abstract
Hirasawa, Mikami Nagoya Inst. Tech. On the Distribution of Zeros of Alexander Polynomials of links abstract
Ichikawa, Takashi Saga Examples of Teichm\"{u}ller modular forms abstract
Ikeda, Atsushi Tokyo Denki Univ. On the Hodge structures of double coverings of Kummer surfaces abstract
Ishii, Atsushi Tsukuba An augmented Alexander matrix and an affine extension of a quandle abstract
Ishikawa, Katsumi RIMS A quandle approach to Hoste's conjecture abstract
pdf of the talk
Katayama, Takuya Hiroshima Certain right-angled Artin groups in mapping class groups abstract
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Kim, Sang-hyun Seoul National Univ. Diffeomorphism Groups of One-Manifolds abstract
Matsutani, Shigeki NIT, Sasebo College Sigma function of y^3=x^2(x-b_1)(x-b_2) abstract
pdf of the talk
Naoe, Hironobu Tohoku Shadow-complexity of corks and exotic pairs of 4-manifolds abstract
Nozaki, Yuta Tokyo An invariant of 3-manifolds via homology cobordisms abstract
Pol, Delphine Hokkaido Logarithmic forms along higher codimensional subspaces abstract
Sakata, Naoki Hiroshima Veering triangulations of mapping tori of some pseudo-Anosov maps arising from Penner's construction abstract
Uludag, Muhammed Galatasaray Mapping class groupoids and Thompson’s groups (Lecture 1)
Jimm, a fundamental involution (Lecture 2)
pdf of the talk 1
pdf of the talk 2
Xin Lu Mainz The slope of a fibred surface (Lecture 1)
Geometry of an irregular surface of general type (Lecture 2)
Yoshinaga, Masahiko Hokkaido Tutte polynomials in geometry and combinatorics abstract
pdf of the talk

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